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Sun Protection 

The sun’s rays are particularly strong over the Summer and they can damage children’s skin. This may not seem like a problem right now, but sadly it can lead to damaged skin and skin cancers in later life. Your child’s health and well-being are very important to us, which is why we have decided to:

  • Educate the children in how we can enjoy the sunshine and stay safe
  • Encourage children to wear hats outside and find shelter when it is hot
  • Encourage parents to use at least factor 30+ sunscreen on their children in Summer months. 

We are therefore asking for you to provide appropriate sun protection for your child in the form of a sun hat and ensure that on days where the weather is predicted to be hot and sunny that you apply sunscreen before they attend. Sun screen should be applied in the morning before coming to nursery and we are asking that you apply a high factor all day protection. If you wish to keep an extra in their bag then that is great, but we will be assuming that you have already applied lotion unless you tell us otherwise. If you need to ask a staff member to apply (because you have run out of the one at home or have forgotten to do it) then please contact your child's room leader or key person. Please don't email or message on Famly.  We are not encouraging the sharing of sun block as a rule, due to some children having allergies. Don't forget that when applying sun lotion cardigans and long sleeve tops may be taken off during the day, so whole arm needs to be covered. Name all removable items please.


We will have an ‘emergency’ bottle in the setting should we need to apply it (supermarket branded 30spf). Please let your room leader or key person know if you are concerned about allergies. For more information go to Our Sun Protection policy is available on request.