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Staffing Team

Childcare Manager

Hayley Wheadon (SENCO) (Designated safeguarding lead - DSL)


Jacqui Carpenter

Nursery Staff

Deputy Manager

Clare Riddell  (Deputy DSL)


Nursery Assistants

Katrina Aldridge
Ade Ball
Martin Connor (Health and Safety Officer)
Beth Everett
Sarah Frost
Anne Phillips (Pineapple Community Hall Room Leader)
Joh Grinnell

Charlotte Hallsworth
Beth Howe (Strawberry Room Leader)

Shannon Conn(Tangerine Room Leader)

Nicola Preece (Apprentice)
Julie Ross

Denise Taylor (Pineapple Victorian Hall leader)
Helen Taylor

Lucy Waterhouse

Breakfast Club and After School Club


Ade Ball (Deputy DSL)


Kath Brace
Debbie Dodd-Cox
Jill Burton
Maz Lillwall
Jemma Price
Chris Tully