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Key Person Policy

Key person

Each child will have the support of a personal key person – a member of staff who will care for them daily. They will also be responsible, along with the Room Leader, for

  • keeping a record of the child’s development in partnership with the parents/carers
  • promoting a positive relationship between nursery and home
  • helping your child to settle at nursery, reassuring and comforting parent/carer
  • providing daily verbal feedback to parents / carers
  • the passing on of information about your child to other staff, especially when time comes to move rooms

We shall let you know who your child’s key person is when they start nursery or you can check on their Famly page. As they move classes they may be given a new key person, however we will make sure that all relevant information is passed on and transitions are smooth.



Home Visits

We would like to make you aware that we do offer home visits to children who are new to the setting. This is a short (usually half hour) informal visit at your house from your child’s key person and one other member of staff. Some parents have taken us up on the offer as it allows your child to share with their key person a little more information about their home life (toys, family and pets) and therefore strengthens the relationship between child and staff member. It also gives parents an opportunity to talk about their child’s interests and needs in more detail, as well as finding out how they are settling in nursery. If you would like to arrange a home visit please contact the nursery office or speak directly to your child’s room leader or key person.