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Lunchboxes – Information for Parents

We are delighted that your child will be joining us for lunch. We aim that lunchtime is a happy, relaxed time where children socialise together with adults in small groups. 

Please help us by providing the following items:

•    Suitable lunchbox clearly labelled with your child’s name.
•    A drink which the children can manage easily themselves.

No peanuts, peanut butter, Nutella, other nut-based foods or celery (for the benefit of staff and children who suffer allergies) and also chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks. Small chocolate covered biscuit bars are allowed if you wish occasionally.

Small children can be overwhelmed by generous amounts of food in their lunchbox, so consider appropriate quantities. (average 3-5 items - one of which should be fruit)

Cut sandwiches into small pieces (no more than two slices of bread please)

Add a few cubes of cheese, pieces of carrot and cucumber, mini-sausages, cherry tomatoes, so that your child can pick and choose with ease.

We will encourage your child to eat as much as he/she wants. Any uneaten food will be put back in the lunchbox to help you to estimate how much to send in next time.

Crisps are very high in fat and salt so try to limit them by only providing them occasionally or by taking some out of the packet and putting them into a little pot.

During the year we will update you with any information we get through the Healthy Schools initiative. You may also like to look on the Food Standards Agency website for ideas on healthy lunchboxes. Staff will be happy to offer you any advice.