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Tangerine Room

The Tangerine Room is for 2 and 3 years olds who still have another year to go before primary school. Room numbers range from 6 to 14 children at any one session.

The staff are Anne, Martin, Shannon and Charlotte. Martin is the long suffering lone male. His speciality is the “great outdoors” hence the hardy dress code of shorts all year round.

Anne is the room leader having had 22 years experience at St. Paul’s throughout all age groups.

We try hard to focus on child led activities and have lots of fun in the Tangerine Room. 

A day in the Tangerine Room starts with self- registration and free play. When we have a full house we gather the children together for circle time. We explain to them what we are going to do that day and they have a chance to share their news.

This is followed again by free play and a focused activity based on the topic of the week.

By now the classroom looks a lot less tidy than it did at 8.30am so we put on the tidy-up music and the staff do a quick once over surrounded by lots of excited dancing children who think they are helping!!

Snack-time follows, consisting of fruit and either a biscuit, crumpet etc. depending on what is available.

The children are all keen to play outside after snack (Anne less so unless it’s summer!) and when they finally return to the class they are ready for a rest and a story /singsong before lunch. Afternoons are of a similar structure, often with new children joining us and lots more outdoors play.

Our aim in the Tangerine Room is to help the children to build friendships, learn to respect and care for each other, have lots of fun and to learn and develop new interests.

Tangerine room